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Adipotide 2mg per vial

Adipotide 2mg per vial

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Adipotide, aka FTPP or Fat Targeted Proapoptotic Peptide, is an experimental peptide that could potentially kill fat cells by cutting off their blood supply, per animal research. The death of fat cells could be followed by weight loss, improved insulin resistance, and a healthier body mass index.

Adipotide was initially synthesized as a potential therapeutic cancer treatment. American researchers who originally developed this compound designed it to shrink blood vessels carrying fresh blood to cancer cells, thereby causing the death (apoptosis) of the same cancer cells.

Study results, however, indicated that Adipotide could potentially cause fat loss by depriving fat cells of fresh blood. It would do this by shrinking the blood vessels carrying blood to the adipose tissue. But the effects of this synthetic peptide weren’t just limited to inducing fat loss in animals.

Instead, multiple animal studies have shown that Adipotide treatment is followed by a potentially reduced food intake in animals. This points to a reduced appetite for food. In addition, this synthetic peptide has been proven to have the potential to cause weight loss in obese Old World monkeys.

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